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General dentists and certified specialists must register with the College of Dental Surgeons in order to practise in B.C.

Registering with CDSBC
Are you a dental graduate and want to register with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC?
Reinstating or transferring
Are you trying to reinstate your lapsed registration, transfer to another registration category or retire from dentistry?
Coming from another province
Are you coming from another province in Canada and want to register with CDSBC?
Coming from another country
Are you coming from another country and want to register as a dentist in B.C.?
Requesting a certificate of standing
Are you moving to another province and need a certificate of standing for your application to another regulatory body?
Requesting a letter of standing
Are you applying for employment or hospital privileges and need a letter of standing

All dentists who intend to provide moderate sedation, deep sedation or general anaesthesia must register and have their qualifications approved by CDSBC.

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