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​​​​​Criteria for Eligibility of Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Last updated May 21, 2020

Registrants are encouraged to consider the following eligibility criteria before submitting a continuing education course for credit​.​

To be eligible for CE credits the activity must include at least one of the following criteria:

  • have significant intellectual and/or practical content related to oral health
  • improve patient safety
  • improve the efficacy of patient care and treatment
  • address continuing competence of the practitioner
  • address change in practice environments (ie. cultural sensitivity)
  • address advances in technology that improve patient outcomes
  • relate to the professional responsibilities or ethical obligations of the participant

Activities eligible for CE credit must align with CDSBC Standard and Guidance Documents​. Activities should be taught or led by a person with the appropriate credentials and/or experience related to the subject matter. In the case of teaching restricted activities, the presenter must be permitted (either currently or previously) to perform the specific restricted activity being taught. Information presented at courses should be based on sound scientific principles.

CE activities are not eligible if they:

  • pertain to personal or financial gain
  • are not in the patients’ best interest.

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