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​​​​​​​​​​​Continuing Education ​Credit Categories

Following are descriptions of the categories under which registrants may earn CE credits and the maximum number of credits allowed in each category over a three-year cycle.

​Category/ Modality ​Description Max Credits Per Cycle



​Dental Therapists

​Clinical Dental ​Relates directly to the provision of patient care and treatment
​No limit
​Dental Practice Management Relates directly to the operation and management of a dental practice ​(does not include courses related to personal financial or retirement planning, or marketing products or services to patients) ​30​18


Medical Emergencies
​First aid, CPR, ACLS, and management of dental/medical emergencies​24​12


​Non-Clinical Dental ​Topics that are applicable to the registrant’s practice of dentistry ​15​12


​Other Dental ​E.g. CDA modules, lecturers/ presenters/mentors/supervisors, university/college courses, examinations, publication authorship, and learning contract/directed study


See pages 6-7 of Continuing Education Requirements (PDF) document

Note: There are credit limits associated with the various CE learning categories and modalities (e.g. live lecture versus self-study). For more information, read the Continuing Education Requirements (PDF) document.

Registrants are encouraged to review the eligibility criteria for continuing education credits, which is available here​.​

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