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​​​​​​​​Continuing Education

The objective of continuing education (CE) is to promote competence and professionalism at all stages of a dentist, dental therapist, or CDA’s career. Practice improvement and professional growth are the ultimate goals of CE.

CDSBC’s QA Program provides the CE requirements for applicants to CDSBC and for annual renewal of registration.

While you may find value in a CE session, be advised that some sessions may not fulfil the QA Program objectives and, therefore, will not be eligible for CE credits. To be eligible for credit, CE activities must have significant intellectual and/or practical content related to the practice of dentistry and/or the management of your dental practice. Activities can also be related to your professional responsibilities and ethical obligations as a dental professional.

Registrants are encouraged to review the eligibility criteria for continuing education credits, which is available here​.

CE News Bulletin
CDSBC notifies Registrants of upcoming CE opportunities via email in our CE News Bulletin.

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