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Tough Topics in Dentistry


Please Note: As of 2 June 2017 Tough Topics in Dentistry has been archived and is no longer supported by CDSBC. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Dentists deal with difficult situations every day and the answers are almost never black and white.

Filmed live at the 2009 Pacific Dental Conference, this set of educational videos guides practitioners in how to deal with:

  • patients living with domestic violence,
  • teens with substance abuse problems,
  • professional boundary issues, and
  • requirements for informed consent and confidentiality.

Registrants who successfully complete the post-test (PDF) will receive three CE credits.


Introduction (running time 6:50)

Segment 1: Adolescents & consent (running time 23:03)

Segment 2: Informed consent (running time 24:34)

Segment 3: Patient behaviour (running time 25:53)

Segment 4: Duty to report (running time 24:14)

Segment 5: Patient boundaries (running time 33:51)

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If you are having trouble loading the Tough Topics videos on your computer using Windows Media Player, you may need to download the free VLC media player, which supports most audio and video formats.



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