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‚Äč‚ÄčRegistrants' Scope of Practice

Scope of practice describes, in general terms, what a profession does and how it does it. The Health Professions Act (HPA) allows regulated professionals to perform a list of specific restricted activities (within the scope of practice of their profession) provided that the individual has the knowledge, skills and competencies to do so.

Regulations are created by the government for each health profession governed under the HPA. For example, dentists may practice dentistry, defined in the Dentists Regulation as: "the health profession in which a person provides the services of assessment, management, treatment and prevention of diseases, disorders and conditions of the orofacial complex and associated anatomical structures."


The Dentists Regulation addresses reserved titles, outlines the scope of practice of dentists and defines restricted activities that may only be performed by registered dentists based on their education and competence.

Restricted Activities are a list of specialized activities that may only be performed by a regulated health professional who has been granted specific authority by the government to do so. The restricted activities for dentists are listed on section 4 of the Dentists Regulation.

Dental Therapists

The services that dental therapists are authorized to provide are contained in Schedule D1 of the CDSBC bylaws (PDF, page 115).

Certified Dental Assistants

The services that CDAs are authorized to provide are contained in Part 8 of the CDSBC Bylaws. For more information, see A Guide to CDA Services (PDF).

Note: The Guide to CDA Services has been updated to clarify which services can be performed by CDAs. Updated September 2015.

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