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Annual Meetings

Our annual meetings are open to the public.

As a health regulator working in the public interest, CDSBC invites participation from members of the public and from registrants (certified dental assistants, dental therapists and dentists).

More information on our future annual meetings will be posted on this page.

2021 Annual Meeting

You can view the meeting material from our most recent annual meeting, held on October 19, 2021 here >>

A recording of the webcast is included below.


  • Musqueam Elder and Knowledge Keeper Mr. Shane Pointe opened the meeting (0:55)
  • Opening remarks/welcome from Ms. Sabina Reitzik (5:23)
  • Report from external financial auditor, Ms.Anita Johnson, Smythe LLP (8:07)
  • Report from CDSBC's Registrar/CEO, Dr. Chris Hacker (11:05)
  • Report from Board Chair, Mr. Carl Roy (28:00)
  • Q&A (43:29)
  • Address by Musqueam Elder and Knowledge Keeper, Mr. Shane Pointe (1:11:54)
Please note that we experienced some technical difficulties during this event, which are reflected in this video. The video and sound quality during the Registrar and CEO's report was affected, and the speakers appeared in a different order from the agenda to allow us to address a sound issue for one of our speakers (that portion of the video has been edited).

Past Annual Meetings

To access CDSBC's past annual meetings, visit our Events and Engagement page.

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