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Roles and Responsibilities in Professional Regulation

In the following video segments, former CDSBC Registrar Heather MacKay moderates a conversation about current issues in professional regulation. She is joined by two Canadian experts on this topic: lawyers Richard Steinecke of Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc and Brian Gover of Stockwoods.

This 2008 video was created for new CDSBC Board and Committee members, but anyone who is interested in an overview of professional regulation will find it relevant.

Part 1 - Introduction to Professional Regulation (running time 2:31)

Part 2 - What is Self-Regulation? (running time 8:28)

Part 3 - Role of Board and Committees (running time: 4:49)

Part 4 - Meetings and Decision-Making (running time 8:32)

Part 5 - Conflict of Interest (running time 9:04)


Part 6 - Bias and the Appearance of Bias (running time 9:44)


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