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​​​Committee Appointments Process and Compositions

CDSBC has made a formal commitment to the Minister of Health and the public to increase public trust and confidence. In the context of that commitment, the Appointments Working Group (AWG) was appointed by the Board on May 4, 2020, and began work immediately to determine the materials, the process and the communications plan to recruit committee members. 

The AWG oversaw the implementation of a multi-pronged communications strategy to reach many audiences. This included sending invitations to current committee members, reaching out to registrants, posting the invitation on the CDSBC website and social media channels, sending out e-blasts to stakeholders, and promoting the process in CDSBC's Contact News e‑newsletter. A communications group was engaged to develop key messaging specifically for recruitment of public members (print and online advertising, social media and targeted messaging to groups with desired expertise). 

The original application deadline was extended from May 29, 2020 to Monday, June 14, 2020 in response to the timeline challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. ​

In pursuit of increasing public trust and confidence, eligibility requirements were developed (for the first time)​ for committee members that align with the eligibility requirements for elected board members. Thirteen applicants were identified as ineligible, primarily related to the requirement to have a clear separation from dental associations or representative organizations. The Board adopted a Committee Eligibility Policy, published on CDSBC's website here

Applications were assessed using a standardized evaluation form that related to the questions on the application form and provided a quantitative score for each applicant based on the required: skills, practices and knowledge to support strong decision-making on each of the committees, as well as regulatory experience, CDSBC experience and diverse perspectives. 

The recommended compositions for each committee are outlined in the table below.​

Recom​me​​​nded Committee Compositions


Required number​

Recommended composition


9 members (3 public)

10 members

  • 3 x CDAs
  • 3 x dentists
  • 4 x public members


21 members (7 public)

26 members

  • 2 x CDAs
  • 15 x dentists
  • 9 x public members


15 members​ (5 public)

16 members

  • 1 x CDA
  • 9 x dentists
  • 6 x public members

Quality Assurance

5 ​members (3 public)

6 members

  • 2 x CDAs
  • 2 x dentists
  • 2 x public members


9 members (3 public)

12 members

  • 8 x dentists
  • 4 x public members
  • (2 anaesthesiologists;
  • 2 biomedical engineers)

Standards and G​uidance

5 members (3 public)

6 members

  • 3 x dentists
  • 3 x publi​c members

Patient Relations

6 members (3 public)

6 members

  • 3 x dentists
  • 3 x public members

Audit and Risk

3 members (2 public/board)

5 members

  • 1 x dentist
  • 2 x public member
  • 2 x board members


3 members (1 public; 1 board)

4 members

  • 1 x dentist
  • 1 x public member
  • 2 x board members

HR and Remuneration

3 members (1 public; 1 board)

5 members

  • 3 x public members
  • 2 x board members


79 members (27 public)

90 total members

  • 37 Public proposed
  • 53 registrant proposed

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