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​​Board Governance​

The Board is the governing body of CDSBC.

Governance is the way an organization conducts its affairs.

Good governance is the cornerstone of any well-functioning organization. It includes clearly articulated roles and responsibilities for all parties at CDSBC – the Board and individual Board members, the Registrar and College staff.

Better governance keeps the Board focused on the critical issues, leaving the day-to-day running of the organization to highly capable staff. This also gives staff clear direction and allows them to function effectively.

As CDSBC takes steps to strengthen and clarify governance to support our mandate as outlined in our 2019-22 Strategic Plan Goal #4, the CDSBC governance manual approved by the Board in 2012 has been archived. A governance review is anticipated in 2020.​

View the CDSBC Board Member Conduct Agreement which sets out the conduct of Board members required in service of the College’s objectives.

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